Why you don’t need a fitness trainer

If you are new here – we advocate a no-bullshit approach to fitness.

Getting in shape is absolutely free, has always been and will always be free.

Gym memberships, personal trainers, diets plans, supplements and all that are not necessary.

When you decide to get fit a lot of marketers start working on you. They’ve got big plans.

First you need to be sold a gym membership.


Once you get to the gym you’ll learn how much you need a personal trainer.

Once you’ve paid the trainer, she’ll tell you what supplements you need to buy.

As you read fitness blogs you’ll learn you need to buy special clothing, gadgets and training programs.

Screw all that. Screw everyone who wants you to pay to get fit.


The only thing that really matters is your own persistence.

If you are persistent – you will get into great shape, if you are not – you will remain a fat slob no matter how much money you throw at your dream.

Solution? Cut out the middleman. Adopt a routine that is convenient for you, one that you can afford doing daily – and do it daily.

You will learn as you go, and it works perfect because we all start slow (walking is the best “gateway drug” to fitness).

Here’s what happens when you do not hire a trainer:

1) You learn a lot yourself

This is inevitable. Literally everyone who has achieved anything in fitness knows the basics of nutrition, exercise, metabolism and body chemistry.

The sooner you start learning on your own the better. The Internet has changed the game so much that it’s ridiculous to pretend you still need to pay for authority info.

2) You don’t waste time on generic knowledge

Each trainer is basing his advice on general principles. Normally the recommendations need to be personalized. It takes a lot of time to track and evaluate your progress to have a workout plan re-designed for you.

Skip the general part. Start small but start with things that work for you from the ground up.

3) You save money

This one is very important. If you keep sinking money into something, a small but nasty worm eats your motivation from inside.

If your budget tightens up you’ll have to cancel your trainer and your workouts will seize because you have no habit of working out on your own.

Trainers are a roadblock.

If you can’t afford a trainer you use that as an excuse to staying in bad shape.

Money is a powerful mindset-shaping concept, because you grow to hate things that cost you money.

You do not need ANY money to get in shape, and that is the beauty of this world.

4) You work out more

With a trainer the focus of your accountability lies outside of your own self.

Your motivation starts to depend on your trainer, you think “what will my trainer say” every day. That is the lowest tier of motivation.

If you are responsible just for the three weekly sessions of “doing great” you will never make any progress.

Internal motivation is the real power.

Randomized, passionate workouts beat scheduled reports to your guru.

5) You are independent

The less you depend on external circumstances and other people – the better for your personal power.

Learn to have internal goals, compete with yourself and report back to yourself.

Workout when you have time and energy, not when your trainer signed you up.

you dont need a fitness trainer

6) You know what to ask

If you start making progress and dedicate yourself to a fitness-related career you will have to consult someone sooner or later.

Since you’ve learned your way up till here and worked on your own you already know what to ask.

Asking the right questions guarantees the right answers.

People that get spoon-fed by trainers since the start, on the other hand, rarely know anything beyond their guidelines.

7) You work with effective exercises

If you’ve put together your workout routine based on

– your own experience

– research you’ve done

– internet advice that actually fits you,

— then you will end up doing effective exercises that do your body most good.

People stuck with a trainer are actually doing the exercises their trainer suggests. And often the trainers (especially at large network gyms) compose your routine of easy and ineffective exercises. Their exercises are meant to keep you coming to the gym for months and months with minimal improvements, just so you don’t cancel.



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