5 Reasons Why “TGIF” Sucks

“TGIF” is not just a funny exclamation. It’s a worldview marker. This acronym is a demanding living entity, an evil sacrifice-begging demon. Scared yet? Better be.

I do my best to be unbiased but if someone I barely know gives me a TGIF, that person loses a couple of points in my eyes.

Here’s why:


1. “TGIF” tells you it’s OK to waste time.

TGIF makes you waste time

Dali knew very well that wasting time is not an option.

Time is the only real thing we got in our life and it becomes more and more valuable as it runs out. Freaky if you think about it. The end of another day and another week means you have one day and one week less left. What’s to be thankful about?

Yet millions look forward to the end of another week, reposting all the crappy “is it Friday yet?” pictures to their Facebook timelines.


2. “TGIF” asserts dependency on employment.


Frequent bar crawls prevent you from saving

Don’t let go of that red stapler buddy

TGIF is a part of the whole employment cult and job security religion. The ever-scary “getting fired” scenario in half of the Hollywood movies is another example of that. People adopt the employee mindset and assert it, while they’d be better off asserting their creative, risk-taking and proactive side. Fridays are the little reward you get for spending 70% of your week at work.

Thank because you live and have the power to create, don’t thank because you just traded 5 days for 2.


3. “TGIF” is not original.

No witty original caption here.

No witty original caption here.


This little ugly word is a typical small talk example. Small talk occupies your mind and does nothing good to you, it’s the sunflower seed of communication.

In fact, even small talk can be original, but guess what, “TGIF” is not. It’s like going around in a sunny day and saying “check out the sun, talk about the heat, amirite?”


4. “TGIF” is a road to wasting money


Obligatory Friday partying keeps you broke

Obligatory Friday partying keeps your dreams only dreams

Image source: Pigroll

When everyone around you goes out on Fridays, then discusses the parties for the whole next week and looks forward to the next Friday, you are under a lot of peer pressure. The standard “TGIF” scenario is visiting a bar, a restaurant or a club, and those are the places that smart people have designed to make you spend money even if you’re not going to.

I am totally fine with balling and making it rain if you can afford it, but if you live paycheck to paycheck, then seriously, screw “TGIF”.

The psychological effect of being constantly short of money alone is enough to give it up. Go out and celebrate when you have a real occasion for it, not when it’s just Friday.


5. “TGIF” has no style.

TGIF drinkers have zero style

After midnight all the princesses turn into… this.

Image source: Dailymail

“TGIF crowds” are so predictable. They sit in their plastic cubicles all week, doing their small talk and working inefficiently (because all they have to do is wait until 5 pm). Then Friday comes. They get dressed well, they put on perfume & make-up and they go out to places where people treat them as fisherman treats a school of fish.

More drinks go down, the music plays, people feel they are beautiful party angels moving around easily and being forever young… the reality is opposite: clumsy drunk silhouettes, flabby office-shaped bodies, loud screams. Boring.

TGIF is a trap.

I had a “TGIF” period in my life so I know what I am talking about. I would be going out on Friday and then spending first half of Saturday in bed just to move to the couch or a computer chair afterwards. Then Sunday comes, boring and empty, and the doom of coming Monday is closing in. Suddenly you have lost two days out of your life. Those are actually the free days you trade for the 5 days of work, your days. I was at a terrible loss.

First you trade 2 days for 5; then you trade the remaining 2 days for one night. You need money to sustain that lifestyle so you go work for another 5 days.

There’s a whole new world outside of the “TGIF” mentality. There are Saturday mornings, there are Wednesday lunches, there are musical concerts on Sunday and Tuesday. Ultimately there is self-employment and smart planning when you might work only 5 days a month, no matter if it’s Friday or Tuesday.

“TGIF” is a trap, avoid it.

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