5 Signs Your Diet Is OK

Dieting is a pain in the ass.

Diets, recipes, proteins, organic, processed, ugh… The whole thing is confusing to newbies, and the fitness industry wants it to be confusing.

When the knowledge is obscure there has to be a gatekeeper. Personal trainers, nutrition consultants and a bunch of other first-world-problem solvers are the gatekeepers and they make their living by obscuring the knowledge even more.

What they do to newbies is create roadblocks. People are confused by the amount of buying and cooking they have to do to match the fitness icons on social media.

Truth is, most of us may already have OK diets and can start our fitness journey without further excuses.

There is no need to complicate things. The basics of nutrition are very easy to understand. If you want to get fit you will have to learn it all yourself sooner or later just like you learned to drive or use a smartphone.

First things first, diet systems keep people fat. Diets are money-making machines, not problem solvers.

Moreover, you should ditch recipe-based thinking as recipe culture is a huge obstacle.

Once you are impartial about your food it’s easy to see how to eat right.

No matter what you see on Instagram or Pinterest where your friends are showing off their fancy healthy eats, do not get intimidated.

Chances are you already have a decent diet, so don’t invent roadblocks!

Here’s a list of things that could mean you are eating an OK diet and should not stress over your cousin’s “steamed freerange salmon” in your Facebook feed:

1) You eat fruit at least once a day.


Kids get it: fruit is great for you.

This is not complicated or expensive. Apples are the simplest option available to everyone. Fruit is best consumed in the morning or until noon.

2) You watch your favorite TV shows without snacking.


This is probably the best way to consume TV content

TV is a waste of time – there, I said it.

But we all need a good piece of art every once in a while so watching a show you love is a lot of fun.

However, most people snack like crazy when they watch TV!

If you eliminate that snacking habit alone you will improve your diet drastically.

First, it’s not a good idea to make your digestive system work all the time.

Second, those calories are not justified – you don’t need energy to sit on your couch and watch funnies.

3) While shopping at the grocery store you go around the perimeter rather than the center


Typical center aisle

This one is a mind-twister – they arrange foods similarly in every large grocery store on the planet. Central aisles hold processed foods, candy, sweet drinks, grains, as well as canned food.

The perimeter aisles, on the other hand, contain heartier healthier stuff: meats, fish, eggs, produce and fruit. Try to notice that next time you shop.

If you’re naturally not wading through the middle aisles chances are you don’t eat bad at all.

4) You hate cooking complex dishes and following recipes.


Don’t be like these ladies and you’ll have more time for real fun!

Once you go deep into cookery you seal your own fatness for years to come.

Complex dishes twist our natural taste sensations and make us eat more and more sophisticated crap.

Batters, pan-frying then baking, sauces and dips – all that stuff is just fat bombs and sodium grenades. If you prefer minimal cooking that just makes the food edible and disinfects it – you’re a healthier eater than most people.

Minimal cooking is: boiling, baking or grilling for meats and fish; boiling, steaming, grilling or, best, just washing for your veggies.

5) You carry a bottle of water sometimes. You actually love the taste of water.


As long as you can get it inside you’re alrite

Drinking only water immediately puts you above everyone else health-wise. Most of us are chronically dehydrated which takes its’ toll on our energy, mental abilities and health. Water is essential for literally every process in our body, so make sure you replenish yourself!

Super-important: tea is not water. Juice is not water. Coffee is not water. Caffeinated or sweetened drinks dehydrate you even more. Focus on learning to love the good old H2O.

* * *

Is your diet OK? What do you think? Share your story in the comments.

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